Team building flower workshops

For any business that likes to invest in its team there are loads of creative ways you can curate a fun and interactive day of relationship building, and arguably none quite as fun as a session with Petal to the Metal.


We recently put together a ‘Florist workshop’ for a Management consultant as part of their team building programme. Our brief was to put together two, 1 hour long sessions ‘How to make a hand tied bouquet’. It was Easter week so the client wanted to make sure the flowers were bright, colourful Spring bunches for team bonding Easter fun!

bcg colour

Clashing yellow, orange and purple met the brief with gorgeous orange Tulips, yellow Cloni Ranunculus, Narcissi and purple Clematis.


I tried to keep the design simple and not too formulaic, just really lovely, easy Spring bunches, encouraging the groups to enjoy putting the flowers together in their own way with a little guidance and structure.BCG resize 2

We then wrapped the bouquets in hessian ready for delivery!

BCG resize 1I asked the head of HR a few questions around how and why and also does it work;

PTTM – What was the purpose of the workshop

Client – Vey much a bonding and motivational event for our very hard working ‘Business support group’.

PTTM – Why flowers in particular?

Client – It is great to get out and away from the office and concentrate on something that is other than work related, and get back to the joys of nature!

PTTM – What value does something like this bring?

Client – This type of event makes people feel that they are valued and many of them got to take the flowers home to their families for the Easter period.

PTTM – Did the team enjoy it?

Client –  A selection of my thank you emails’

“..Thank you for organising a fabulous afternoon of flower arranging, it was such a lovely treat outside in the sunshine”

“Paul as always was a delight and the flowers (although not as good as his) all looked beautiful at the end of the session”

“Thank you for making it possible – I absolutely loved it!”

PTTMThats so great to hear, so it is something you would invest in again?

Client – Absolutely, we would love to do it again!


If you are interested in further information about a ‘Team building workshop’ please do let me know and contact us via the usual

See you soon

Paul X