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Petal To The Metal - About Us Paul and Olive

About Us

Working as a florist in London is an exciting and sometimes unpredicatble place. We work hard and have fun, meet interesting people and most importantly get to be creative through interesting briefs, beautiful venues, fantastic clients and of course wonderful, colourful flowers.

Throughout my career I have managed and worked at the highest level with many of London's leading hotels, caterers and event planners. I have designed, managed and run a broad range of weddings and events, I have managed an extensive and high profile contract portfolio, and I have nurtured and loved a talented team of florists.

Petal to the Metal is born out of this rich experience. The concept is simple, I will provide strong designs with high quality flowers, delivered and managed with exceptional service.

Allow me to bring this world to life for you.


  • Name: Paul Furness
  • Fav city: London
  • Holiday destination: Greece
  • Loves: Dog walks, friends and family, spontaneous nights out
  • Hates: Rainy Mondays
  • Weaknesses: Carbohydrates
  • Strengths: Hard working, Passionate, reliable, sense of humour.
  • Inspirations: The Seasons, Mum & Dad, Colleagues
  • Fav colour: Blue
  • Fave flowers: Hydrangea


  • Breed: Border Terrier
  • Fav park: Hampstead Heath
  • Holiday destination: Grandma's
  • Loves: Food, Sticks, the beach and my bed
  • Hates: Fireworks and long car journeys
  • Fav colour: Red
  • Fave flowers: More of a foliage, stick fan!